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Rodger's looked like total crap today, he picked a horrible day to have his worst game of the season. I'm guessing that his feet may have been really bothering him. Rodgers has a tendency to fall in love with the deep ball, and I really hate it. We have some of the best YAC guys in the league and we are throwing 40 yard bombs at least ten times a game. Each time Rodgers was picked he was going down field. Also quit rolling him out, he holds onto the ball way too long when rolling out of the pocket. Get rid of the rock quicker.


Ahman Green looked surprisingly good today and I think could prove to be a valuable addition down the stretch.


Oline still sucks.


I really hope Mike McCarthy is gone at the end of the year. The Packers are way too undisciplined, and special teams have been awful this year. Both are tell tale signs of poorly coached football teams. I should know too, because I've watched a Ron Zook coached team every game for five years.


His need to go deep all the time also factors into a lot of his sacks.


He's got the Sexy Rexy streak in him, and it's not a good quality at all to have. That deep ball intended to Jennings was just plain stupid. He had four Bucs around him.

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wtf seattle?

i don't see what's so surprising


they were losing by 17 points to a team over which they were favored by 10 points.

the lions have a habit of coming out looking great for a quarter or two before playing to their talent level


man, olindo mare looks exactly like johnny from the wire

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