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Fantasy Football Team Names


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Killer Irony: A Black QB Sack


my logo is the photo of McNair's corpse being removed in a body bag...


So many options on offensive McNair death humor entendre, it keeps with my tradition of names which exalt in recent player deaths, i.e. University of Dead Negroes following the death of Sean Taylor, after a brief stint as Die Sean Taylor which i did feel slightly bad about when i found out he actually died and it was not a minor shooting incident like i figured when i first heard, but it still served the purpose of making fun of a huge skins and Taylor fan in my league who always talked about how incredible ST was and so I lived up to my reputation of having no boundaries or good sense or morals in any standard sense of the word.


also like, for McNair, references to Shotgun, Draw, Guns Blazing, No Huddle- #9 Blood Puddle, Air McNair's Fantasy: Life, Touchdown McNair's Corpse, No Super Bowl Ring & No Pulse, and for good measure anything bringing up out of nowhere for offensively good measure the classic NFL standard for worst event in recent memory:




i will go wash the filth off including inside my veins, internal organs, and certain other cells.

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Some of the names in my baseball league:


Crack Dealers -- that's me (deal cracks of the bat)

Playing w/ my Nuttings (Pirates fan, ownership joke)

Pounding the Strikezone

2 Guys, 1 A-Rod

Zac and Chris Make a Baseball Team

FU Jobu


In my football league:


Anal Tongue Darts


The best I've used for football was probably: Habitual Line Steppers (see Chappelle Show Rick James episode).

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