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Re: 2010 Game Thread Starters

Almost that time of season. If you are not signed up, don't worry, you can sign up at anytime during the season. You will be added to the bottom of the list, even if there are people who have already gone.


Starters will go in the order that they sign up.


This signup is for regular season games.


If it is your turn to start, please have the game thread up by midnight the day before the game (8 am day of game for west coast games, as many west coast night games can go past midnight).


If you will be unavailable to start (ex: out of town), leave a post. You won't lose your place if you get back before you come up and will simply wait at the top of the list until you do get back if you make it there.



Gameday Info:


Cubs Broadcast Schedule (TV/Radio)

Cubs XM Radio Listings

Probable Starters



Starter: eb14play2 (1-1)


On Deck: JimSorgi



The Rotation:

Southpaw19 (4-1)

Prizefight (0-1)

vance_the_cubs_fan (0-1)

TruffleShuffle (3-1)

Laura (0-1)

islandcub (1-1)

Derwood (0-1)


CT Cubs Fan 38 (0-1)

MrWood (0-1)

AramisFan (1-3)

CubsBearsMagic (0-1)

Flames24Rulz (4-1)

David (0-1)


Brian (3-1)

Friendly Confines (0-1)

otis89 (1-1)

Butters (0-1)

Guancous (0-1)


sweetpeteman (2-2)

Fred Hornkohl (41-41)

West Side Rooter (1-2)

erik316wttn (1-2)

soccer10k (2-1)

UMFan83 (0-2)

Garwilly (0-1)


Spot Starters:


Roast (road games)


J.R. (0-1)

rawaction (3-1)




Ski (1-0)

Vanilla Ice (1-1)

Andy (0-1)

Cubswin11 (0-1)

mhuber92211 (1-1)

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