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Books that won't be written by the 2006 Cubs


I stole this topic idea from another forum, but I got a good laugh out of it. And I figured it'd be even funnier if we apply it to the Cubs. So...


The Importance of OBP - Jim Hendry


Taking Responsibility - Dusty Baker


How To Hustle - Aramis Ramirez


How To Make The Most Of Your Opportunities - Ronny Cedeno


Let's see what the creative minds of NSBB come up with...

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Recommended Posts

Controlling your pitchcounts - Carlos Zambrano

Making a good first impression - Rich Hill


Patience (Don't come back too soon) - Derrek Lee


How to stay healthy and fit - Cubs Medical Staff

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The Art of Making an Strong and Accurate Throw to Home Plate cowritten by Jacque Jones and Juan Pierre.


How to Throw the Ball to First Base by Ronny Cedeno


Getting the Opponent Out by Glendon Rusch


How to Close a Ballgame by Ryan Dempster


Throwing Strikes by the whole pitching staff


Winning Ballgames by Angel Guzman


Don't suck in spring training or you'll be exiled to AAA by Michael Wuertz

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Unmitigated Joy: Life as a Fan of the 2006 Chicago Cubs by Me.


Neifi & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Baseball Player Dusty Baker


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Pitchers Larry Rothschild


Testicular Fortitude Michael Barrett


I think we have a winner. I'd like several copies of each of these, please.

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Dusty Baker or: How I Learned to Stop Winning and Love the Loss, by Peter George


Are You There God? It's Me, a Cubs fan, by Judy Blume


No Light in August, by William Faulkner


To Kill a Ballclub, by Harper Lee


A Portrait of a Failure As a Cubs Manager, by James Joyce


The L-Flag Also Rises, by Ernest Hemingway


Gone With the Wins, by Margaret Mitchell

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Heres the easy one:


Worth the Wait: A Story of the 2006 World Champion Chicago Cubs by Anyone


Consistancy by Ryan Dempster


Owning Up to Mistakes: A Self-Help Guide to Accountability by Dusty Baker


Loaded Guns: The Story of the 2006 Cubs Outfield by Juan Pierre, Jacque Jones and Matt Murton


Selling High by Jim Hendry


How I Became an Above Average Consistant Major League Position Player by any Cubs position prospect

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How to Build a Winner in 25 Short Years by The Tribune Company


The Art of Losing: A Wrigleyville Diet by Jim Hendry


I Miss the Cubs. No, Really, I, Do by Greg Maddux


Hi, Everybody! by Mark O'Neal


Saving the Tigers by Neifi!


Our Meteoric Rise to the Big Leagues by Cubs First Round Draft Picks


ETA -- Books that Could Be Written:


It Seemed Like a Lifetime: My Memories of the '06 Cubs by Phil Nevin


But I Had a Second Baseman's Glove! by Ryan Theriot


Butchering the 7th Inning Stretch: A Management Guide by John McDonough

Edited by Laura
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Chasing Lilly: This Right's for You by Michael Barrett

Dominance: The John Smoltz Comeback by Kerry Wood

Are You There God? It's me, Jerry Fontenot. by Jerry Fontenot

How to Conquer You Inner Cub: A Collection of Stories of Beating the Odds from Jerry Hairston, Greg Maddux, Phil Nevin, Neifi Perez, and Todd Walker



and last but not least, #1 on the unwritten best-seller list:

Seven Brides for Seven Second Basemen by Bynum, Cedeno, Hairston, Izturis, Perez, Theriot, and Womack

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