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09/11 CUBS (Hill) @ Atlanta (Smoltz) 6:05 CT, WGN TV, XM184

I can't even begin to imagine how many runs Lee saves us with his glove.


not very many.


Like I said, I could point to you at least a dozen outs since he's come back that Lee made that the other first baseman wouldn't have made, due to Lee's quick feet and his ability to stretch out for balls. Don't you think that saves us some runs?


You're exaggerating.


I really am not..I believe, for example, that the 1st and 3rd outs of the Braves 6th inning are not made by John Mabry (and that's not counting the stretch in the 2nd where he should have had the out called on the stretch of Ramirez's throw). I've seen multiple plays like this in several other games as well since he's come back.


so you're not only assuming that other 1b wouldn't have made those plays, but you're also assuming that they wouldn't have made those plays AND their inability to make them would have led to runs.


not to mention the fact that you're somehow crediting him with preventing a baserunner that actually reached base by citing to ramirez's error.


Like I said, I didn't count Ramirez's play-even though it should have been, it wasn't-so it doesn't go into my count. Second, I know they are not always going to lead to runs-just like every hit or walk is not going to lead to runs, but we'd love to see somebody get 12 more hits or walks over a few week span, and Lee preventing hits has the same result for his pitchers-Lee has decreased the opponent's OBP with his great defense over there.

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