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09/11 CUBS (Hill) @ Atlanta (Smoltz) 6:05 CT, WGN TV, XM184

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I'm glad Izturis is back at SS. Cedeno has been brutal one moment and stellar the next.


I agree with that. I wish Izturis had a little more than a couple weeks left in the season, as he is just likely to be getting back into the flow of the game when the season ends. I would have liked to see more of an indication of what he is going to do in 2007 (which could have been partially done if he had played everyday in August and September), but the injury has really made him a question mark for how he really is after his surgery last year. The one thing I personally do not question is his defense-after the first couple of games with the Cubs where he was shaky (although not as shaky as Cedeno has been many times this season), he was great defensively the next 15 games before he went down with the injury.


His elbow seems fine. He had a hammy injury this time. That stuff happens late in the season.


I'm concerned about his bat, but as a Cub he's been fairly patient and drawn an unusual number of walks (for him at least). If that keeps up, I can stomach the fact he'll never his for high average.


Cedeno can't hit for average, draw walks, or play stellar defense.

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Great...Izturis back. That means Theriot has played his last game in a Cubs uniform.


Theriot usually plays 2B, not SS. Izturis plays SS.


It's between Bynum (Baker's pet) and Theriot.

I mean because Cedeno plays 2B now again, giving Dusty two pets to play over Theriot along with Bynum.

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ok... 9-11 ceremonies... as long as this is not some kind of justification for torture and mass-murder conducted by the US Military and CIA ever since...


Shouldn't you be watching "Loose Change" or somesuch nonsense in your basement?

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