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Biggest Star in Chi-Town


Biggest Star in Chi-Town  

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  1. 1. Biggest Star in Chi-Town

    • Mark Buerhle
    • Jay Cutler
    • Devin Hester
    • Patrick Kane
    • Derrek Lee
    • Derrick Rose
    • Brian Urlacher

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In the past, Chicago has always had a bonafide King of the City (or two). From Jordan, to Butkus, to Payton, to Sandberg, to Sosa, and many inbetween. Now, there's no clear cut star that everyone goes to see. Hence, my poll.


Also, wanted to get this in before LeBron comes to town.

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BTW, it sucks that there is really no transcendent superstar in Chicago right now like Sosa or Jordan were in years past. (until LeBron)


I feel like of the names on this list, Derrick Rose would eventually be the biggest named star in Chicago sports. As cool as Kane is, he's a hockey player so unless he gets to the level of popularity of Ovechkin or Crosby, it won't be him. Urlacher used to probably hold the torch and maybe does now, but he's on the downside of his career and has been out of the spotlight for almost a year with his injury. Cutler throws too many INTs and has a bad image among the rest of the sporting world to be the biggest "star". Derrek Lee is a nice guy but no superstar. I forgot who else you listed.


That said, I'm gonna have to go with Chris Richard.

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It's Urlacher, but that does feel outdated. I hadn't noticed how sports star starved the city is.


I do think Toews should be a choice though.


I think we're just in an in-between stage right now. Hockey isn't quite popular enough but Toews and Kane are superstars, Rose is just too young, and 1 good season from Cutler will have the city extremely superstar satisfied. Add in LeBron and/or Bosh and we're set.


Think about it this way, we could be a year away from having 2 of the top 15 hockey players, 2 or 3 of the top 15 basketball players, and a Pro-Bowl QB. I'll take that any day over some of the "eras" we've had in this town.


Then again, the Bulls could strike out in free agency, leaving Rose to be overwhelmed and not progress, Kane could drink himself to death leaving the Hawks and boring Toews very average, and Cutler could be decappitated because of a terrible offensive line and we'll be stuck with an over the hill Urlacher, an overpaid Soriano, a douchey Mark Buehrle, and Ozzie Guillen will be the most recognizable sports figure.

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