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Wang and Colon


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It would be unfortunate if Wang was Colon's manager.


You know, because Colon would have been scratched by Wang. Ouch!

Even better, imagine if former Cubs pitcher Bill Hands managed either Wang's or Colon's teams. :D
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Really not the place for this post, but wanted to speak a moment on Wang. I'm still frustrated with the Yankees in two regards on how they handled Wang this past year and a half


a) Last year, when Wang got hurt, they tried to tell everyone he'd be back late in the year, when most indications were that wasn't likely.


b) They told Wang not to work out the foot in the offseason (been reported in some interviews Wang gave). Um ... what? I understand their concern, but that was foolish and wasted the first part of the year (Wang was actually looking better when he got hurt again, had a couple decent start, and against the Blue Jays, he really only made one horrible pitch to Lind (had a bad bounce earlier, but that happens), a pitch which we later learned was one that he probably was feeling pain already (I think Posada indicated that he was troubled with the velocity/arm movement on that pitch).


I also didn't like the disrespect that Cashman showed towards Wang in some interviews. Granted, he claimed he was egged on by a radio host, but as a GM, you gotta show a bit more calm than that, particularly for a guy who was so critical for 2 years for them, and a guy who wasn't being paid that much. That said, I'm not letting Wang off the hook for everything. As a player, you've got to know your body. If anything was off in the spring, and he wasn't exactly sharp in the spring, he should've let the coaches know. I understand wanting to come back and prove yourself, but you've got to be healthy to make a difference, and if he wasn't right, he has to speak up.


Anyhow, back to your regular jokes.

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