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Changes to All Star game rosters


Interesting. What are your thoughts on these changes:


-Roster size up from 33 to 34. The 34th player will be an extra position player, making it 21 position players and 13 pitchers
-The DH will be in effect all the time from now on regardless of whether the game is played in an AL or NL park. Each manager will get to choose the DH
-Each manager will designate a player who is allowed to return to the game when replaced in the event that a position player gets injured and there is no one left on the bench
-Any starting pitcher that pitches Sunday will not be eligable to pitch in the All Star game and will be replaced on the roster. They will of course still be considered All Stars and be in uniform for the game.




I think they are ok changes. I don't like how big the rosters are getting. Usually 2-3 pitchers a year pitch the sunday before the game. That's 8 more roster spots this could add to the game if you include the added roster spot. I just don't want the All Star game recognition to be as meaningless as the Pro Bowl where the league is calling random players the week before the game to see if they can play.

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i have a good suggestion for the all star game: don't have it determine home field advantage in the world series.


It's the classic American reaction to a problem: Overreaction.


We have a mentality of "We'll make sure it'll never happen again" and then bogus rules like this are implemented. Baseball had such egg on it's face after the 2002 ASG in Selig's own backyard that instead of discouraging managers from using every single player within 9 innings, they came up with a completely asinine game concept in which WS HFA could be determined in an at-bat between a hitter and pitcher on two losing teams who have no shot of even making the postseason.


It's not just in baseball, either. The overreactive mentality is why you hear stories of first graders being expelled from school for having plastic butter knives in their lunches in a Draconian response to "Zero Tolerance" policies.

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I'm not a fan of the extra roster spot as there already is a lot of pressure and substitutions to try to get everybody in the game.


The DH rule is absolutely fine. It will make substitutions easier for the managers.


The injured position player rule is a good one because now managers don't have to keep an extra guy on their bench.


The starting pitching rule is also good as it has left some imbalances in number of pitchers in the past. Will that player still count as that one club's All Star if they aren't permitted to pitch though? My guess is yes.


And I'm in between the two camps on the AS game issue. I think it is an upgrade the way they do it now from the way it was before so if those are the only two options I want the ASG to decide HFA. However, if options like team records, overall interleague record, or other performance based options are on the table I'd rather have those.

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