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North Side Baseball

Week 3


Alamo Stealth (2-0) at Northside Baseball (1-1)

NC Cubs (0-2) at Bazingas (0-2)

Saber Metrics (2-0) at The Eyes of Texas (0-2)

Kid Rodelo (1-1) at Harrys Budcrew (2-0)

Fuzzy Logistics (1-1) at Quakers (0-2)

Tootielicious (1-1) at Ron Washington's Dealers (2-0)

Galesburg Hand Sanitizers (1-1) at Mighty D-Block (1-1)

Lynx (2-0) at Sock it Thome (0-2)


Hope everyone fixed their line ups early today with the early Boston game this morning. You have 10 minutes from the time I posted this.

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My team stinks this week (especially Arroyo), but somehow I'm winning (for now).


For now is right. I have a three start advantage for the weekend. Hopefully they can score above zero. :blink:

I knew you had an advantage remaining, which was precisely the reason for my "for now" qualification.
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Raisin went with only six starters and he's still going to win if Chipper gets three points this game.


Freaking mother nature. :(


If I had started Chipper all week as I had wanted to, I'd have won. Disappointing week but it reminded me to pay more attention on Sundays.

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