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6/04 Cubs (Big Z) @ Stros (Paulino) 7:05 PM WGN/XM187/AM560

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They're worse than awful, they're boredom-inspiring. Just wait until this Hawks series ends, one way or another. Then we'll be right back to having no option b for sports, and the howry will really hit the fan (hopefully).


I seriously never want to see lou piniella again for whatever that's worth. Old senile idiot.


The Blackhawks have no impact on me whatsoever, besides effing up 720.


I agree about Lou.

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I think I'm done unless they can get to .500.


It seems like every time I watch they can never score another run (I know, it's a common occurrence...).


But seriously, I was really pumped to get WGN America HD. The worst part of all of this is that the Cubs suck a lot harder in 1080.


Only 3 more months till football season... :(

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I'm bored with this team, I don't even care anymore. Not mad, bored. Nothing about this joke of a team makes me want to spend any money on them. Bunch of ruddlerless leaderless losers.


I'm sick of these idiotic lineups, I'm sick of ramirez hitting fourth and theriot anywhere but eighth. I'm sick of our ass awful bullpen. I'm sick of Piniella. I hate this stupid team. There's no leaders and no one cares, why should they? WE ARE A JOKE. $144M.


I dont know, you sure sound mad to me. Personally, Im a bit more sickened and embarassed than I am mad. The only saving grace is that our "rivals" across town suck just as bad, if not worse so they cant talk smack.

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There's no way in hell we offer Lee arbitration after this year, nor should we. Because he'd accept. No team in their right mind is going to give up picks for him, unless he REALLY picks it up over the rest of this season.
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Gorz's whiny ass






About being sent to the pen. Be glad you're not on a AAA bus somewhere....


What did he say besides that he doesn't think that the way he's pitched doesn't merit being sent to the bullpen?


He got sent to the bullpen because he has a long last name that's kind of hard to spell. That's why Shark didn't make it as a starter, either.

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Man only 1 run again tonight? This offense blows. Wasn't Rudy supposed to make things better?


Cubs OPS over the last 7 days (not sure if this includes tonight, I pulled up numbers on ESPN)


Nady:     1.700 (10 AB)
Fontenot: 1.278 (15 AB)
Colvin:    .933 (10 AB)
Soto:      .833 (14 AB)
Baker:     .786 (6 AB)
Fukudome:  .675 (25 AB)
Lee:       .646 (21 AB)
Hill:      .644 (10 AB)
Soriano:   .544 (23 AB)
Ramirez:   .523 (11 AB)
Castro:    .444 (27 AB)
Theriot:   .399 (22 AB)
Byrd:      .377 (20 AB)


Notice how the players with the highest OPS are the players with the least ABs. Now maybe that's sample size but it's odd nonetheless.


We've scored just 13 runs in our last 8 games, and we haven't scored more than 6 runs in a game since May 6th (25 games).


This offense blows.

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And to make things worse our best SP this year has been bumped to Monday. If someone had told me before the season that Carlos Silva would be our best SP through May I'd have assumed the entire staff was on the DL. At least that trade has been one of the few bright spots for the Cubs this year.


What's disappointing about this team right now is that it's the exact same lineup from 2008 only with Byrd in CF instead of Edmonds/Johnson and Castro instead of DeRosa. 2008 is looking more and more like a fluke all the time. Or maybe it's because Aramis looks completely done.

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