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Ticket Giveaway Contest Sponsored by CTC Sports


I've entered NSBB into a ticket giveaway contest by CTC sports where you have the opportunity to win free tickets to the sporting event of your choice.


Here's a link to the contest rules.


By voting in the contest, you have a chance to win two tickets yourself. If NSBB wins any tickets, I'll give them to the member who drives the most votes to the contest. In the great style of Chicago voting - vote early, vote often and bring your "friends"!

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Here's the FAQ from CTC's website:

During the one-week contest period beginning November 2nd, 2009, post your vote once per day on our Facebook page for your favorite sports fansite, and you could win TWO free sports tickets of your choice from Coast to Coast Tickets. And even better – if you win, the site you voted for will also receive two free sports tickets!



Can I vote for any site I want?


Yes – as long as it’s on the list of eligible sites.


What makes a site eligible?


Sites need to sign up before the contest starts. We’ll be contacting lots of sites directly, but if you know a site owner you think should be a part of the contest, point them here!


How do I vote?


Starting Nov. 2, just post a comment on our Facebook page here once per day with the name or URL of the site you’re voting for. You can post as a reply to our comments, or as your own wall post… doesn’t matter, as long as we can see it!


How many times can I vote?


You can vote once per day from November 2-8, and each vote is a chance to win. So if you vote every day you can have up to seven entries by the time we draw the winner on Nov. 9!


Can I vote for more than one site?


You can only vote for one site at a time, but if you want to vote for different sites on different days, go for it. Your chances of winning won’t be affected.


What can I win?


Any sports tickets we sell at coasttocoasttickets.com, up to $100 value per ticket. (If you choose tickets more expensive than that, then you’ll get a $100 credit toward each ticket, 2 tickets max.) Shipping and sales tax – if applicable – will need to be covered by the winner.


Good luck!

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November 2nd? You mean they're giving me advance notice? Cool!


Tim, how will you know which "friends" we get to vote?

honor system is the best we can do here.

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Unfortunately, my facebook friends seem apathetic to the cause.


yeah I've gotten the same response


My wife voted every day, but that's because I logged in and did it for her (with her permission). I got my mom to vote today and then one other friend.


That's been it.


I've voted three times I think and also created a fictional guy who has voted twice.

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