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Express Mock Draft Thread! On the Clock: Toronto Blue Jays

Okay folks, here's the decision. We're doing a mock draft for this year. However, due to time constraints, we're going to have to do it in a quick amount of time since the draft goes down in less than a week. So, I am going to run it the quick way.


The way it works is simple:


-We will put it to a vote, team by team, where you make the pick. The first player to get five votes will be drafted.


-For those of you not really up to speed on potential draftees, I will post five likely options for each team along with a short scouting report for each. You could pick any of them or some one else.


-There will be a 12 hour time limit for each pick. If five votes for a single player are not accumulated in that time, the player with the most votes will be picked or a coin will be flipped in case of a tie.


-We're going for realism here, so please keep in mind teams with budgetary constraints and players with signability issues, which will be discussed in the scouting reports.


-This mock will begin immediately. If you have any questions, please post them in the thread or PM me. Thank you!


First Round

1. Royals - LHP Andrew Miller, North Carolina

2. Rockies - 2B/3B Evan Longoria, Long Beach State

3. Devil Rays - RHP Tim Lincecum, Washington

4. Pirates - RHP Brad Lincoln, Houston

5. Mariners - RHP Luke Hochevar, Scott Boras

6. Tigers - OF Drew Stubbs, Texas

7. Dodgers - LHP Clayton Kershaw, Highland Park HS (TX)

8. Reds - RHP Greg Reynolds, Stanford

9. Orioles - 3B Billy Rowell, Bishop Eustace Prep HS (NJ)

10. Giants - RHP Brandon Morrow, Cal

11. Diamondbacks - RHP Max Scherzer, Mizzou

12. Rangers - RHP Joba Chamberlain, Nebraska

13. Cubs - RHP Jeremy Jeffress, Halifax County HS (VA)

14. Blue Jays

15. Nationals

16. Brewers

17. Padres

18. Phillies (from Mets for Type A Billy Wagner)

19. Marlins

20. Twins

21. Yankees (from Phillies for Type A Tom Gordon)

22. Nationals (from Athletics for Type B Esteban Loaiza)

23. Astros

24. Braves

25. Angels (from Indians for Type B Paul Byrd)

26. Dodgers (from Angels for Type A Jeff Weaver)

27. Red Sox

28. Red Sox (from Yankees for Type A Johnny Damon)

29. White Sox

30. Cardinals


On the Clock: Toronto


The Woodlands HS RHP Kyle Drabek (6', 175 llbs, BA #12, Brewerfan #5) - The son of Doug Drabek, he's one of the top few prospects in the draft. Has major off-field concerns which should make him fall a bit. While on the short side, he can pump his FB up to 97 and hits 94-95 consistently. Also has a nearly unhittable spike curveball, a decent slider and changeup. Mechanics need a little work. Solid hitter at SS too.


UNC RHP Daniel Bard (6'4, 202 lbs, BA #15, Brewerfan #15) - Former ACC Freshman of the Year isn't quite the same as he was earlier in his career, but his stuff is still pretty good. He utilizes a low 90s fastball and a very good curve. Strongly built with a good head on his shoulders, he could end up being really good if he manages to get his high 90s stuff back. The main concern about him is that he's a thrower instead of a pitcher, which leads to inconsistency on his part.


St. Petersburg JC RHP Pedro Beato (6'5, 210 lbs, BA #13) - Arguably the biggest unknown in the draft. The Mets had a legitimate shot at signing him, but decided to adhere to MLB's request not to offer him well above slot value despite lacking a first rounder this year. A survivor of the dreaded Tommy John Disease, he has bounced back in quite a nice way. He works in the low 90s with his fastball and has hit 96 with it. His slider and change could also become excellent pitches. He also features a curveball, but might end up scrapping it in professional ball. Getting him to clean up his mechanics and repeating them will be the biggest challenge, but if he can do it, he'll be a monster.


Texas RHP Kyle McCulloch (6'3, 185 lbs, BA #16, Brewerfan #42) - Arguably one of the safest picks in the draft; it seems really likely he will end up becoming a middle of the rotation starter in his career. He's a control guy, with a terrific changeup and a high 80s/low 90s fastball along with some decent breaking stuff. He's polished and quite intelligent, but he won't likely be an ace any time in the near future. Whoever gets him will get a reliable innings eater, in all likelihood.


Jackson HS (WA) OF/1B Travis Snider (6'0, 220 lbs, BA #17, Brewerfan #21) - The best overall HS bat in this year's draft. He has incredible power from the left side and tremendous patience at the plate. He's a great character guy with terrific makeup and work ethic. However, in the field, things get a bit dicey. He is not particularly fast or strong with his throwing arm, so he will likely end up at 1B or LF.

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Not who I'd take if I were them, but 2B/3B Evan Longoria, Cal State Long Beach.


EDIT: After seeing texascub's post, let me add who I'd take if I were them: Tim Lincecum. Of course, he's my favorite prospect in the draft, so yeah.

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3/5 is a majority so Longoria it is, right?


We go for first to 5 votes or the player with the most votes in 12 hours.


Oh come on, doing this the political way would be so much more fun...though we'd all lose a few brain cells and we'd probably never finish....but who cares? [/sarcasm]

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