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Scouting Info on Jesse Estrada?


Could anybody share some scouting info on jesse Estrada? He won't turn 23 till next month. So after repeating low-A, he isn't real young, but neither is he too old to take seriously.


I know he lists as a huge guy, 6'8" 260 is the list value. Often those lists are old. Does that seem accurate, and does he seem like a fit, intimidating presence? Or will weight be a challenge for him?


He wasn't very good last year, gave up tons of hits and had very few K's. This year he started slow, but got better by the month, and was very effective by the end of the season. On the year, his walks were reasonable and his hits were now respectable, and his K's improved from microscopic to merely low.


So, in terms of actual stuff and projection, what info can people give? As a 6'8" hulk, does he presently have or project to have a power fastball? My recall from last year was that he was mostly 86-92 kind of range. Does that seem about right, or did he perhaps improve some this year? Boost the high end and keep it at or over 90 more consistently than he did last year?


I seem to recall reference to a curveball that looked OK, but wasn't very sharp and didn't have much control, i.e. wasn't a very effective pitch last year. I'm guessing that his breaking pitch was perhaps a little sharper and a little more consistent this year?


Bottom line question: is this a guy who might have the physical talent, who has found out how to tap into some of that, and who might have enough further improvement ahead that he might be a serious prospect next year? Or is his stuff too fringey to take him very seriously?

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Hi Craig! As someone who was watching Jesse over the last couple of seasons, I can give you a bit of insight into him, although I am definitely not the person to ask when evaluating "stuff"...Nate would probably be a better person to break that down for you.


Jesse is every bit the 6'8" he's listed at, and 260 doesn't look at all bad on him. He has huge legs and shoulders, and doesn't carry much of it in the waist as far as I can tell. Don't know if he struggles keeping weight off, but he seems in very good shape.


He struggled as a starter in 2005, especially in the 2nd half of the season, if I remember right. Even so, I was surprised to see him back. After converting him into a long reliever, though, I could understand. At the beginning of this season, he seemed to struggle with coming out of the bullpen...he didn't always seem warm but would settle down and do well. The last month or so of the season, though, he was *very* effective as a long reliever and occasional starter. His last couple of starts were as good as I've ever seen him. If I remember right, he's going to instructs, so hopefully he'll get there and impress some folks.


Sorry I can't comment on velocity, etc. We sit in the same vicinity as the guys charting, but I never really pay attention. My buddy Bob sits in the first row out by the bullpen, and has his photos up (please buy them if you like - he's a professional, but gives the guys shots all the time)...they aren't really labeled, but there's a 3 picture series on p.2, starting with this one that is a sequence of Jesse (at least I'm 99% sure)


Hope that helps :)

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