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Godspeed, Todd Walker & Greg Maddux...

Sammy Sofa

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Thanks Greg for everything positive you brought to this club - you're always a Cub in my eyes and it's a sad day to see you leaving. Good for you - you're closer to your family and you're now away from that toothpick sucking imbecile. I pray for your sake that if you hang out in LA next year he doesn't end up in some capacity with the Dodgers after we finally give him the gate. Nah, won't happen, Cub management seems to be to delusional to make him go away. He'll probably be here long after you retire.

Todd - I'm sure you're shaking your head wondering what you had to do to be looked at as a major contributor here. I know I am. Thanks for all the hustle, professionalism, and base hits.

Good luck to you both.

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I'll miss you and I love you still, Todd Walker.


Greg Maddux....meh.


The love fans of this team have for Greg Maddux has always baffeled me. One of the funniest moments in professional sports was the befuddled look on Greg's face when all you could here were boo's when they announced the rosters for the 2003 NLDS game 1....which you might remember was in Atlanta.

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Now you're closer to Holywood, but yet far enough away.




Is that Mark Prior in the background, quietly yearning not for his arm to be 100 percent, but to have said arm wrapped around Jennifer Aniston?

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Hilarious YouTube Video Tribute to Todd Walker as a Cub: LINK


I absolutely love the slide photo vs. Oakland with Sammy in the background,


That game was insane. I saved the WGN720 call from Jon's site -- it's that awesome.


Top Todd Walker Era Moments:


1) The Slide scoring the winning run vs. Oakland.


2) Drawing a bases-loaded walk in the bottom of the 9th after being down 0-2 to force in the winning run and complete the Cubs' sweep of the White Sox at Wrigley in '04.


3) Almost hitting for the cycle vs Clemens but getting 2HRs instead of a double.

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