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Imagining the 2013 Cubs

It really isnt that inconceivable that wed have a solid, primarily home grown team. This could allow us to spend big on a 1B this offseason.


1B Fielder/Pujols

2B LaMahieu/Barney

SS Castro

3B Vitters

LF Soriano

CF B Jackson

RF Colvin

C Soto



C Castillo

IF Flaherty

IF LaMahieu/Barney/M. Smith

IF/OF LaHair

OF Campana




SP Garza

SP Cashner

SP McNutt

SP Jay Jackson/Wells/Coleman

BP Gaub

BP Russell

BP Carpenter

BP Marshall

BP Mamol

2 BP spots Mateo, Stevens, Searle, Parker, Cales, Smit, etc., or perhaps a healthy Angel Guzman


I know, chances are that not all of these guys make it to the bigs, but each seems to have a legit shot, at least at this point.

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You forgot:




our GM will be homegrown too, once the Ricketts wise up and put Roast in charge


Roast would have the benefit of being able to consult NSBB prior to all decisions.


But things would quickly deteriorate when his first signings turn out Eminem and D12.


and his fellow GMs will be baffled when he begins proposing 3 way trades in which the Cubs end up with multiple superstars and the other teams involved get career minor leaguers.

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