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Esmailin Caridad up, Jeff Gray down

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About time. Good to have Caridad back. I still think he can be a quality reliever in the bigs.


Per Rotoworld:


Cubs activated Esmailin Caridad from the 15-day disabled list.

Caridad has looked solid enough in a handful of rehab outings and will bring a little more consistency to the Cubs' lackluster bullpen. He missed about three weeks with a mild right forearm strain.

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Nice. I agree that Caridad can be of huge help to this bullpen. It's just frustrating that if he screws up at all he'll end up in dumb ass Lou's doghouse.


Grabow screws up and Lou keeps sending him out there, but as soon Caridad screws up he'' be relegated to mop up duty.

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Grabow's got the 2008 Bob Howry role of the overpaid veteran reliever who has to go out there no matter how much he sucks.


Though Howry at least kicked ass 2 of his 3 years with the Cubs. And he looked like some kind of awesome, murderous cyborg sent back from the future to murder John Connor.

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In Grabow related news: he got an MRI on his sore knee but nothing was found besides suck. He'll sit for a few days.


Damn thats too bad they didnt find anything wrong


Maybe they should have been looking at his left arm instead of his knee.

Perhaps bionics could help him.

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