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Your 2010 Kansas City Royals

DeJesus 9

Podsednik 7

Butler 3

Ankiel 8

Guillen DH

Bloomquist 5

Betancourt 6

Kendall 2

Getz 4


That's right. 6 players who had an OPS below .700 last year. Another, Podsednik, who has had an OPS below .700 3 of the last 4 years.


That's with a 72.5 million dollar payroll. I think I can really honestly say that 95% of us could have constructed a better roster. I really have no idea how Dayton Moore still has a job.

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Every 5th day, I like their chances. Actually, they were only 17-16 in Greinke's starts last year, so nevermind.


Edit: They're about to lose today's game in spite of Greinke pitching well and leaving with a lead.


Surely the Royals could find better management in this world of 7 billion people.

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dayton moore has been a pretty big disappointment.

I know. Being in MO I have a soft spot for the Royals. Die hard Cardinals fan, but the Royals doing well would be nice to see. I was excited about him taking over. Came from a good organization, seemed like a youthful enough guy, but good god. He must have been the little brother trying to fit in in Atlanta. They just kind of let him hang around hoping he would grow up knowing that eventually he was moving out.

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