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Minor League Exhibition Discussion & Boxes 4-8-2009

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eh i didnt feel like making a new thread to focus on Castillo's defense but i found it interesting at least


player	Level	SB%	ATT/I	SB/I	PB/I
W.C.	A+/AA	75%	9.50%	7.10%	0.030
lgAvg	AA	67.60%	11.90%	8.00%	0.013
lgAvg	A+	68.50%	14.60%	10.00%	0.018


basically it suggests while he had difficulty throwing runners out last year, there weren't a lot of attempts against him, possibly due to reputation. his receiving skills need definite work, as evidenced by a putrid 3% passed ball rate.


note: the sample is 674-1/3 innings

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it was in a btbs article




Wieters rates were predictably awe inspiring, but suprisingly even better than Teagarden and Ramos'



edit: i guess while we're on the subject, TotalZone loves Tony Thomas, who came in at +19 Runs and +27 Runs/150

Tony Thomas Jr. had the best TZ of any 2B last season and is an interesting sleeper. He was an outstanding hitter in college in and short-season ball last year, but struggled to find his stroke last year in the pitcher-friendly Florida State League. If he could just be close to average with that bat, he ought to be a nice asset. CHONE projects he'd be a +1 win defender per 150 games in the big leagues this year.


Vitters was +7/+18, and the markup they gave him

The scouting reports rate Josh Vitters' defense from "fringy" to average, but the numbers this past year at least rate it as a plus.
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