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THE Detroit Tiger Thread


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O.K. This is the thread where we talk about the greatness that is the Tigers. They were my favorite team for a long time, since I was born in Michigan and lived there for the first 10 years of my life. Then, I married a girl from Chicago, and Sammy hit homers, the Cubs started winning, Wrigley Field seduced me, and the Cubs took over as my favorite team. Come to think of it, this site had a little to do as well.


Anyway, here is where I welcome all aboard the Motor City Kitty Train. There are several reasons you should hop on and I'll list them in no particular order....


1. The Cubs suck.


2. The Tigers are in the White Sox division. Clearly this is justification for hopping on the bandwagon.


3. Justin Verlander is crazy good. I listen to the games on Gameday Audio because my stupid cable provider pulled MLB Extra Innings off the shelf and I have yet to see Verlander pitch. He is extremely effective, even though he doesn't strike out a ton of batters with his up to 99 mph cheese. I can't figure out why this is, but Tiger broadcasters did say the other night that he hasn't been throwing his knuckle curve yet. Knuckle curve? Jeezum Criminy. Rookie Of The Year, thy name is Justin.


4. The Cubs suck.


5. We can watch Magglio Ordonez and think, "man, what if the Cubs took him up on all that talk a year and a half ago about playing on the north side?" Yeah, I know, he missed a bunch of games last year and saw a decrease in power, but how good would that guy look in right, right now?


6. Jim Leyland is the only guy that you can see smoking on T.V.

since the X-Files went off the air.


7. The Tigers are winning even though they are dang near as stubborn about taking walks as the Cubs.


8. The Cubs suck.


9. Jeremy Bonderman is crazy good, too. How many guys do they have under 25 that are effective starters in the A.L.? How many have been hurt? See how much better fun is, than misery?


10. You've always thought the guy with the screenname "wade" was super-cool and you only wished he would post more. Now's your chance to get on board with his "other" team.

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born and raised in Michigan. for some reason (wgn had games on everyday) I became a Cub fan instead. I have always liked the Tigers though. For poster who says they suck, What part of the team sucks? I have liked the direction they have been going the last couple of years and adding a Manager who will hold players accountable has finally put them in a good position. I dont know if the will win the division but they are clearly going to be a contender for this year and a few more to come. I will always be a Cub fan first however I am really happy for the Tigers though.
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