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4/25 Cubs (Garza) vs Rockies (Rogers) 7:05 CSN

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Hahahha their leadoff hitter was 5-5 and they only got 3 runs.


Doesn't help that the manager can't manage the 3-5 spots to save his [expletive] life.

What would you change about it? He moved Byrd down, Pena you gotta think will eventually start hitting for power. And hasn't Soto said he prefers to hit 8th?


We dont HAVE a legit 3-4 combo. Castro is great at the 1-2 spots, but I dont know if hes quite ready for the 3 spot just yet, althoug in the long run, I think he will be. Id take a productive Aramis in either the 3 or 4 spot, but other than that, we really dont have another heart of the lineup type hitter. When Sorianos on one of his tears, Id take him at any spot in the lineup, but when hes off, Id just as soon start Reed Johnson. Penas been brutal. Sure, he can take a walk with the best of them, but thats not whats expected from his spot in the lineup. I like his patience, but he needs to add some hitting to that as well. Even Soto at his best is a more of a 5-6 type hitter. The sad thing is, even if we do get Pujols or Fielder next year, we might have trouble building a lineup around him unless Ramirez somehow ends up staying, which I dont see. To be honest, I think the best possible lineup we could pull out is


1. Fuku

2. Castro

3. Aramis

4. Soto

5. Soriano (Baker vs. LHP)

6. Pena (Soriano vs. LHP)

7. Byrd

8. Barney (Pena vs. LHP)

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Garza in post game says the loss is his fault, he threw the ball away and there is no excuse, should still be a 3-3 game.


Luckily, it was Garza and not Zambrano. That could have gotten all kinds of ugly.


Yeah, I remember when he burnt down Aurora following game 2 of the NLDS.

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