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4 for 4 trade


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It's very interesting. On the Schaub part of the trade, you are buying low on Schaub (whose been slightly disapointing this year) and Gore (big disapointment). Jackson is probably trading for his value at this point (2 great weeks w/ Vick followed by 2 bad weeks with Kolb). And Pittsburgh D you are buying high mostly.


On the other end you have Rivers who is playing like a top 3 QB in fantasy so far. Buying high or is he being valued correctly? Moss is a slight unknown with big upside. By unknown I mean, he's gonna be good but how good. McFadden is maybe buying high (definitely buying high before week 5). He's got great numbers the first 3 weeks, but only 12 carries last game with the coach reinterating Bush is the starter for them. Tampa's D i don't know about. Definitely been good and opportunistic. But they are so young.


I'm guessing you trying for the Schaub side of the trade. It's definitely interesting because if Schaub and Gore play up to par, they could easily win the trade for you. I trust Jackson to be a solid #2 fantasy WR all year. And you get an elite D. At first I veered towards the Rivers side, and mostly because I don't like Gore this year at all. But I think put a gun to my head I take the Schaub side.

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I don't agree that Gore has been a big disappointment. Looking at the 1st round RB's so far in a standard league:


Johnson: 16.2 P/G

Peterson: 18.5 P/G

Jones-Drew: 10.2 P/G

Rice: 10.8 P/G

Gore: 14.2 P/G

Turner: 10 P/G

Jackson: 11 P/G

D Williams: 7.8 P/G


So he's not doing as well as the consensus top 2 picks but in the next group of RB's that he was lumped in with on draft day he's easily been the best.


On the other hand, Rivers is probably going to have to continue to throw a lot to keep the Chargers afloat. Moss is more likely to be consistent than Jackson. But the Pittsburgh defense is a must start and has much better fantasy playoff potential than TB (who doesn't have the worst schedule but it's not great).


It's pretty close but I lean towards the Schaub/Gore side.

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Gore's not a disappointment this year. If it's a PPR, he one of the top 5 RBs in the league. He's on pace for 106 receptions for 900+ yards. Never been a huge TD guy, but he's on pace for 9 which is decent.


The top team is getting the better deal. Steelers D is one of the best "players" to have. Can score as much as an elite RB on great weeks, and a decent TE on bad weeks. I think Jackson and Moss are basically the same player at this point. Moss is going to get you more TDs, but I think Jackson will get more yards when all is said and done, plus rushing yards and return yards.


Gore over McFadden is a no brainer, even with as good as DMC has started. Rivers is the better QB to have simply because his team can't run as well and his D can't stop the pass so they are always in shootouts.

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I play in a non-PPR league that gets 1 point per 20 yards of receiving so I didn't even look at his receiving stats. As a pure rusher he's not doing much, only have 1 game with more than 77 yards rushing and 1 rushing TD.
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