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10 team league


QB- Philip Rivers

WR- Andre Johnson

WR- Mike Sims-Walker

WR- Pierre Garcon

RB- Ryan Grant

RB- Rashard Mendenhall

TE- Greg Olsen

K- Mason Krosby



BN- Knowshon Moreno

BN- Kevin Kolb

BN- Devin Hester

BN- Felix Jones

BN- Ricky Williams

BN- Sidney Rice


The link UMFan posted wasn't a great big fan of my team. They really don't like Olsen.

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I think you've got awesome RB depth. Mendenhall and Grant will both get around 20 carries a game, something that's rare these days. I'm not a believer in Sims-Walker, so I'd look to flip him and a QB for a WR upgrade.
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Sorry man, not a huge fan of your team either. :(


At WR, Johnson is a stud, but your other 2 are a little weak.

The RB position could be decent, but I'm not sold on Mendenhall.

I certainly could live with Rivers at QB, but he's not necessarily going to carry you.

I also couldn't resist grabbing Olsen at TE also, but he's my #2 behind Jermichael Finley.


I'm a big believer in having a stud at RB and QB, not at WR. Last year, I won my league because of WR, but I had Moss, Welker and Wayne. And even then, it was tough because WR's tend not to be consistent pointmakers.


If Mendenhall and Rivers have big years, you could do OK.

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Well before the season started, I traded Kolb and Olsen for Chad Henne and Chris Cooley. Cooley's played nicely for me so far.


When Grant went down, I grabbed McFadden for this week, and will probably be starting Moreno next week. Looking at getting one or both of Mike Williams and/or Jason Snelling this week.



I'm 2-0 so far (blowing out my opponent this week enough that tonights game is moot), and depending on the number of points scored tonight, I might be in line for 1st place this week.

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