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keeper help

Productive Outs

QB - Palmer

RB - Gore

RB - Fred Jackson

RB - Beanie Wells

RB - Tim Hightower

RB - Jason Snelling

RB - Glen Coffee

WR - Marques Colston

WR - Sydney Rice

WR -Jeremy Maclin

WR - Roy Williams (ugh)

WR - Kenny Britt

TE - Zach Miller

TE - Bo Scaife


we can keep up to two players. no restrictions on 1st, 2nd, or 3rd rounders. i'm positive that i'm going to keep gore, so he will essentially be my first round pick. i'm having a little bit of trouble with the next one. Rice and Colston are both top 15 WR options. Colston was drafted in the 4th round, Rice was drafted in the 13th round. Rice's hip injury concerns me, however. i think (along with a lot of other people) that beanie wells is going to be the real deal this year, and especially next year. wells was drafted in the 6th round last year, so he would cost me my 4th round pick. i guess you could make a case for maclin, who was drafted in the 11th round.

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I'm confused by the rules. Do you lose a 1st for Gore? Why do you lose a 4th for a 6th round pick? What would you lose by keeping Sidney Rice? Is it a PPR league?


sorry, i was super tired when i posted that. it doesn't make a whole lot of sense.


the first year you keep a player, that player costs you (or is drafted, i guess) two rounds higher than they were drafted the year before. the second year you keep that same player, it automatically costs you a 2nd round pick. the third year you keep that player, it costs you a first round pick. so, Gore will be my first pick, and then i have a few options for the second keeper. if Rice overcomes his hip injury and performs somewhat close to his numbers from last year, he would be an awesome value with an 11th round pick (13th round last year). Maclin is similar - if he improves, he would be a pretty good value pick in the 9th round (11th round last year).


I'm not sure that Rice would perform well enough in the second year to warrant me keeping him, especially since Favre will most likely be done for good after this season. I'm leaning towards keeping Beanie Wells. he was drafted in the 6th round last year, so he would be my 4th round pick. i think he''ll be good enough in the second and third years to warrant being kept.


If I keep Colston, my first two picks will be Gore and Colston. Since most of the good (if not all) RBs are being kept anyway, I don't know that I would be able to draft a RB#2 in the third round.


my preference goes something like this:




tie between Rice and Colston


i am very open to persuasion, though.

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I'd probably go with Wells, too. I'm not completely sold on him, but I think he's a better option than the other guys. Favre obviously won't be as good as he was last year, and Rice has had hip problems practically all offseason. I like Colston, but not that early.
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Maclin or Rice will give you good value. Even if Rice misses significant time, all you've lost is an 11th round pick. If other teams keep higher picks, you get the advantage of having an extra early pick over everyone else too.


You can't get either of them in the 9th or 11th round this year. But it's hard to drop Wells if the RB picture is bleak.

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