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BA Rates the Drafts of the Decade



Amongst the best drafts of the decade (they weren't ranked):


2001 Cubs

Scouting Director: John Stockstill

Notable Players: RHP Mark Prior (1), SS Ryan Theroit (3), C Geovany Soto (11)


Prior was spectacular when he was healthy. In addition to the players listed above, the Cubs also found big leaguers in lefthander Andy Sisco (2), righthanders Ricky Nolasco (4) and Sergio Mitre (7) and infielder Brendan Harris (5).


And the worst in the decade:


2005 Cubs

Scouting Director: John Stockstill


First-rounder Mark Pawelek disappointed the Cubs almost from the first time he took the field, and the only player to make it to the big leagues was lefthander Donald Veal (2), who appeared in 19 games as a Rule 5 pick by the Pirates in 2009.


BA also rated every team's drafts through the decade. The Red Sox were the best and the Mariners were the worst. The Cubs tied for the 24th best draft of the decade:


Rk. Team Win Pct. Pick '00 '01 '02 '03 '04 '05 '06 '07 '08 '09 GPA

t24. Cubs .499 (17) 18.4 C+ A C C D F D C+ B+ C+ 2.10


Terrific '01 draft (Prior, Theriot, Nolasco, Soto), but other crops have been ruined by injuries, overpays.



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