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Re: Trade advice CC + Roberts for Pedroia + Lee


Hey guys,


I need your thoughts on this. A guy in my league is needing pitching help. He's currently got Cliff Lee and Webb on the DL. He's told me he's interested in CC who I'd be willing to get rid of since he usually starts the season rough and is in the AL East. I'm also concerned with Brian Roberts at second base which is why I'm interested in acquiring Pedroia. Essentially, it would be Pedroia for CC and then Lee and Roberts would be secondary. I'm hoping that Lee's current injury status will equate to Roberts' Spring injury troubles.


What do you guys think?

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Matt Wieters

(Bal - C)

Carlos Peña

(TB - 1B)

Brian Roberts

(Bal - 2B)

Mark Reynolds

(Ari - 1B,3B)

Yunel Escobar

(Atl - SS)

Jason Bay

(NYM - OF)

Bobby Abreu

(LAA - OF)

Raúl Ibañez

Jason Bartlett - Util

(TB - SS)

Prince Fielder

(Mil - 1B)

Jacoby Ellsbury

(Bos - OF)

Alfonso Soriano

(ChC - OF)


Francisco Rodríguez

(NYM - RP)

Andrew Bailey

(Oak - RP)

Chad Qualls

(Ari - RP)

Franklin Morales

(Col - RP)

Ryan Madson

(Phi - RP)

Jake Peavy

(CWS - SP)

Matt Cain

(SF - SP)

Tim Lincecum

(SF - SP)

CC Sabathia

(NYY - SP)

Huston Street

(Col - RP) DL Player notes


ROSTER POSITIONS: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, Util, SP, SP, RP, RP, P, P, P


SCORING: Head-to-head (11 x 11)


I'm also eyeing Carl Crawford and Wright from his lineup.

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Wouldn't do the trade. Lee isn't much of an upgrade and may end up not being an upgrade at all. You have good depth at OF but not at SP. Pedrioa to Roberts is an upgrade but it's not enough of one to give up a great SP for what would be a 3rd-to-back up OF.


You should trade Pena for an upgrade at 2B.

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My thoughts on Lee are that he's a little underrated now because of this injury which shouldn't hold him back for too long. Plus. he should be more mature than other big name pitchers they've hired in the past. IMO, I also think CC is overrated. He's going to have to see plenty of Tampa and Boston...That being said, right now CC does have a higher value. Will he once the season ends?


Pedroia and Roberts...there's no debate there.


Now, in agreement with your argument I did draft CC before he drafted Pedroia and I also drafted Roberts before he drafted Lee.

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I personally would because I'm a little down on Roberts due to age, and declining SB totals the last few years. Depending on your scoring system Pedroia can be extremely valuable based on the number of runs he scores among other things. Lee does worry me because they aren't even sure what sort of time table he's gonna come back from his injury. It is one of those injuries that started out rather minor and just kept getting prolonged and was a bit mysterious in nature. That said, once he's pitching, I think he has a chance in that ballpark to put up the numbers to justify trading Sabathia although if you need K's you'll obviously take a hit.
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Mwahaha totally was thinking Carlos Lee in my head instead of Cliff Lee. That certainly changes things. The trade is borderline and could go either way.


On one hand you could get a safe bet at 2B who should outscore Roberts and not be near the injury risk.


On the other hand you are trading one of the safest bets at SP for a guy who is currently injured and trading a great SP for an injured SP is a huge risk.



Basically it comes down to whether or not you want to roll the dice on Lee. There's the chance he struggles all year and is never truly healthy. There's also the chance he comes back and is every bit as good as CC and you get an improvement at 2B.

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