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How Would You Rate This Trade?


Team A gives up:


Tim Lincecum (693 points in 2009, 700 projected in 2010)

Russell Martin (327 points in 2009, 363 projected in 2010)

Timothy Alderson (#58 rated prospect, according to Scouting Book)


Team B gives up:

Joe Mauer (554 points in 2009, 563 projected in 2010)

Chad Billingsley (458 points in 2009, 539 projected in 2010)

Stephen Strasburg (#2 rated prospect, according to Baseball America)


Is this trade: a) fair, b) slightly better for one team, c) significantly better for one team, or d) bad?

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And yeah even myself who you know doesn't value prospects as much as others would say this is better for team A.


Team A gets the best catcher in the bigs who is still young and coming into his prime, and due to position is one of the most valuable players, a good SP who could be great and is young, and the top pitching prospect in all of baseball.


Team B gets the best SP in the bigs currently, an injured and severely decline catcher, a good but not elite prospect.

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Community Moderator

It's borderline significantly better for Team A. Like others have said, if it's a keeper league then Team A has a great deal. If not, it's still a pretty good deal for Team A.


Team A loses about 150 points in pitching, but gains 200 at C and gets a better prospect.

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