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Baseball Poem I Wrote For English (Kinda Cubs Related)


I had to write a Walt Witman style of poem, which involved repeating a certain style. He uses "sing" a lot, so I used sing in the first line of every stanza. I whipped this up in about ten minutes, so it may not be great, but it does have some Cubs references in there from 2008. Enjoy!


Baseball Song


I sing of the beginning of the baseball season,

The day the pitchers report to Spring Training,

And everyone else soon after.

The meaningless yet delightful Spring Training games,

The hype and promise of a new season.


I sing of Opening Day baseball,

The first day where everything matters,

The first yard of a marathon schedule,

The first game that goes in the record column.

The first game where we weep or cheer.


I sing as the first half passes by,

Where we find out what my team is really made of,

Where the games pass by like sunsets,

Where we cheer, or sob, at a walkoff win or defeat.

Where we cry, "Hooray! It's baseball season!"


I sing as the all star break approaches.

I see big flies at the home run derby

I hear Morgan say "I think he made an out,"

As Hamilton's ball lands in the upper deck.

I see star players face off, in a game that

Nearly matches 2002.


I sing as we enter September

When the roster is expanded, and new players

Are called up to see what they are made of.

I cry as my team goes 0-27 to miss the playoffs,

At least that's what it felt like at the beginning.

I cheer as we clinch the division;

I hope that we will do something this year.


I sing as we enter October

And cry when I realize Howry is on the roster

And cheer when Derosa goes yard

And cry when Dempster walks 829 batters

And break a remote when he gives up a grand slam

And give up when the game is over.


I sing as the World Series comes,

And my team is not in it,

But I still sing because I'm a baseball fan,

And I'll watch any team, even the Rays.

For I shouldn't give up when it seems like

We'll lose forever. I love baseball,

Even if my team goes 0-a billion,

I'll still watch baseball.

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Poems should rhyme.


There once was a man from Nantucket....


That's a long poem.



I've always hated poetry of any kind. Say what you want to say. Don't skim the issue so no one truly knows what you are tying to say.


Eh, some poems are pretty direct. I agree I tend to enjoy rhyming poetry more, but I have a hard time dismissing it all out of some random hatred of creative writing.

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