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If this doesn't convince you that something...


...is wrong, nothing will. After yesterdays...gallery of terrible plays, Neifi Perez should probably be DFA'd. If he brings historical badness to the plate, the only thing he helps us with is defense-


and yet he almost single handedly cost us the game yesterday.


But with Dusty Baker as the manager, he's almost guaranteed a starting spot, HECK PUT HIM IN THE 2-HOLE! While our player with our highest OBP is sitting on the bench. Incredible.


Either Neifi somehow saved Dusty's life from a Bus or something, I mean, I can't even understand this "man-love." Its just completely ridiculous.

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The best part about it all...



Neifi is signed for 2 years and $5 million.


Wonderful signing Jim. Good work.


Wanna know whats worse?


The most money Babe Ruth ever made in a single season was $80,000 in 1931.


$80,000 in 1931 is equal to just over a million dollars in spending power in 2004 dollars.


Neifi Perez is making 2.5 million this year.

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Neifi is an awful awful baseball player. But if you aren't going to get rid of him before yesterday, then you aren't going to get rid of him after yesterday too. Reactionary stuff like this is what got Williams and Wuertz sent down prematurely, and it doesn't do the team any good.


Thats what I'm saying, Dusty is being too brash with some of his players...and well, not brash enough with some of his others. (He's moved Murton and Cedeno and Ramirez all over the lineup, yet he's kept Pierre in the lead off spot permanently.)

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