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Joe Cowley Goes Crazy


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From Wikipedia, but...




Cowley gained notoriety nationally when he admitted on Tuesday Nov. 21, 2006 on the Mike and the Mad Dog show, which is heard on WFAN New York, to be the only writer to vote Derek Jeter in sixth place on the American League MVP ballot. However, if Cowley had placed Jeter first on the ballot, Justin Morneau still would have won.


That was the second such incident for Cowley; after omitting Blue Jays players Carlos Delgado and Vernon Wells, two top-ten overall finishers, from his 2003 AL MVP ballot, the Chicago chapter suspended him from voting the subsequent year. They accused Cowley of not voting seriously, saying he "embarrassed" the Chicago chapter of the BBWAA. [1]

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Yea, that definitely sounds interesting. Googled "Joe Crowley BBWAA suspension" and got this:




In 2003, Cowley omitted Blue Jays Carlos Delgado and Vernon Wells from his American League MVP ballot, earning a one-year suspension from awards voting by the Chicago chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America.


Cowley’s colleagues said he did not take voting seriously and “embarrassed” the chapter for not ranking among his top 10 choices either second-place finisher Delgado’s league-leading 145 RBI season or the .317 average, 33 home runs and 117 RBIs that led the other voters to rank Wells eighth.

The context of the decision was that he had spent plenty of energy going on a similarly juvenile rant about the city and population of Toronto. Apparently this guy votes with his obnoxious homerisms. I'm surprised they reinstated him. What a tool.

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