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LOL LOL LOL Nyjer Morgan


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Warning to Erik, don't watch this or you'll have a rage fueled brain aneurysm




Wow, an uncalled-for personal attack in the very first post of a thread.


Stay classy, Rocket.

You are a gigantic baby. If you're going to keep doing what you do, grow some thicker skin.


That was an awesome find, Rocket!

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lol, seriously? you made your feelings known in the hanley thread about boneheaded plays so i thought you'd enjoy this one. don't be so sensitive.


I did enjoy the play, but I didn't have the reaction that you thought I would.


But yeah, I had Ted Lilly Game 2 flashbacks with that one. At least Morgan put in some effort going after the ball. There was a chance it would have been at least a triple even if he hadn't thrown his glove down.

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