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5/9: COBS (Dempster) @ DBR (Leake) - 12:10 CDT (WGN)

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Rough going guys. Who gets canned first...Lou or Hendry?


Neither will be canned before the year is over unfortunately.


I think Hendry can and will be fired before the AS Break if this team doesn't turn around. As for Lou, I think he's here till the end of the season. He's the captain of this titantic, he should go down with the ship, imo.


But getting back to Hendry, my fear isn't him not getting fired, it's him making some pathethic trade to try and improve this team so that he can save his job. I can see him making his own Garland for Karchner type trade before he is fired.


J Jax for Jason Frasor sounds like it would fit the bill perfectly. I remember last year when the Grabow trade was first announced and it was rumored, almost confirmed that Jackson was involved in the deal. We dodged the bullet then. Hopefully were as lucky this time around.

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