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Brewers, Mariners Talking Washburn?

9:15pm: Things just got really interesting. This rumor may be growing legs. From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Tom Haudricourt:


"I know for a fact that the Brewers have been discussing Washburn, even though he is a free agent after the season. Because Washburn is a Wisconsin native, maybe the Brewers think they could convince him to stay with another contract after this year."


Haudricourt notes the M's would probably ask for a shortstop in return, naming J.J. Hardy and Alcides Escobar as possible trade chips. Of course, that's a pretty steep price to pay. "The Brewers probably would want more than Washburn in return for either shortstop," Haudricourt adds, "considering his pending free agent status."

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The Brewers are more than one player away from pushing the Cubs/Cards in the division race. I wouldn't be against a Washburn trade if Dave Bush was coming back soon, but if he's not going to be back until mid-August, it means the Brewers have to replace two rotation spots instead of one. At that point, it's better to keep what you have and just hope for the best, and make any deals in the offseason to gear up for a run next year.


If Hardy is involved, I sure hope Washburn's not the only thing coming back to the Brewers. If Escobar is involved in a Washburn trade, I'll probably shoot myself in the face.

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