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Screwed in Yahoo money league

javy knows my name

Had to work today at the last minute and missed my live draft. I assumed I would be able to be present and logged in for my draft, but my work is blocking the yahoo fantasy login. No proxy is fixing these problems so I'm SOL till I can pick up the pieces at 3:30.


Starting this thread so I can post my awful pre-rankings-driven team and y'all can feel sorry for me and make suggestions to improve the suck.

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Ok so here's the final makeup -

C - R. Martin

1B - R Howard

2B - R. Cano

3B - C. Guillen

SS - T. Tulowitski

OF - J. Hamilton

OF - H. Pence

OF - C. Granderson

Util - R. Doumit

Util - A. Eithier

Ben - C. Crawford

Ben - R. Ibanez


SP - F. Hernandez

SP - J. Lester

SP - T. Lilly

SP - G. Meche

RP - B.J. Ryan

RP - M. Gonzalez

RP - B. Morrow

P - J. Saunders

Ben - J. Verlander

Ben - B. Myers


First question is what to do with all my damn OFs. Right now the first guy I would drop would be Crawford, crazy as that sounds. Is Ibanez going to play everyday in Philly's RF?


I like my SPs but I'm low on saves and damn holds. Howell is still out there for holds. Do I drop Brandon Morrow right now to scoop up Howell and hope I can pick him back up when he makes the team as the probable #2 starter by the ASB? He might end up as one of my best SPs down the stretch. Or do I bench Morrow, drop Verlander and add a closer? Thanks in advance.

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