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ST-3/6 Dodgers(Wolf) vs. Cubs(Dempster) 2:05 pm

No thread means I get no updates, so hopefully someone will bite.


Milton Bradley in the house.


LA Dodgers

Kemp, CF

Wolf, P

Loney, 1B

DeWitt, SS

Ausmus, C

Mientkiewicz, 3B

Paul, RF

Jones, M, LF

Hu, 2B


Chi Cubs

Miles, 3B

Theriot, SS

Lee, 1B

Bradley, RF

Hoffpauir, LF

Scales, 2B

Hill, K, C

Gathright, CF

Dempster, P

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Bottom 7th: Joey Gathright walked, stole second and took third on a throwing error on the SB. Aaron Miles grounds out 6-3 and Gathright scores.


Cubs down 3-2 after 7.

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Bottom 8th: Cubs got Bobby Scales to second and Jason Dubois to third base with 2 outs but pinch hitter So Taguchi grounded out 6-3 to end the threat.


To the 9th we go, Cubs still down 3-2.

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Burtonbell, it's Darwin Barney and Doug Deeds.


Apparently I was posting game updates in Social in the Economy thread. :oops:

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Very sloppy game yesterday. Terrible defense from the Cubs, although the box score might not show it.


Lee fields a ball in the first with Kemp on 3rd and immediately throws it home...unfortunately Kemp wasn't attempting to score. Dumb.


Theriot looks terrible as usual at SS, bouncing throws to first on 2 different occassions.


Miles' arm is kinda a joke from 3rd.


And whoever pitched yesterday (other than Demp) don't belong in professional baseball.


Off to Milwaukee's park for the game today. Will try to post notes in game thread.

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