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One Opening in Baseball Keeper League


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We're potentially replacing four guys?


There will always be some turnover that occurs on a yearly basis, and if we only replace 4, I'd consider that a fair offseason. Should we only replace 2, that would be great. I'm fairly certain that one team will be deemed as abandoned this weekend (I've made multiple efforts to contact an unresponsive owner) and I have not heard from 3 others about their intentions for next year.


I would just like to find new owners early so that teams who are living up to the expectations we have set are not penalized by those who are not. When you have 2-4 teams not involved at all, it limits what owners can do, and you don't like to have that in a keeper league like this one.


So, come join the fun, folks! You do not have to pay until League Fees are due (around February), and joining now gives you time to set up your team for next season, as opposed to inheriting a team that has had all of its roster decisions made for you. Even though it is October, now is the prime time to join.

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PLUG:I have been a part of this league since it's inception four years ago and it is a great league and a great group of guys. This past season was probably our best yet (and not just because I FINALLY won 8-[ ).


If you're a big fantasy baseball buff and like to be active all year round with trades (players & picks), minor league players and fantasy strategy, I highly recommend you joining.


Serious inquiries only since this is a year round commitment. Be expected to reply to e-mails, PMs, league polls and trade requests during the offseason.

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depending on what these teams look like I might be interested.


Well, it being a keeper league, you have to take a longer term view than just how they look today. If you were to join, you might take on a team that does not look very good, but with league rules being what they are, it's not terribly difficult to turn things around somewhat quickly.


Let me know if you want on the list. Depending on how quickly teams are deemed abandoned, it could be a few day or a couple of weeks before you would be given one. Again, you wil not have to pay until some time around February. If you're interested, just shoot me your email address.

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any way to check out the scoring / league rules etc... I find these are also very important when determining wether to join the league or not.


Let me give you a snapshot. Since it takes a password to log into either the CBS site or the NSBB forum, I'll just paint a picture for you:


25 man Major League roster, with a limit of 8 SP. 5 must be active at all times, as well as 3 RP being active. You may only have 7 starts per week. Lineups are daily. Maximum 4 DL spots. Up to 10 Minor Leaguers. For a player to be considered a minor leaguer he must have fewer than 130 career AB's or 50 career IP's, or he must actually be on a minor league roster. During the offseason, the second stipulation does not apply.


Keeper rules are pretty important right now. Each team can keep up to 8 Minor Leaguers (the new 10 man roster does not take effect until the next draft), and may keep up to 12 Major League players and 1800 points. Here is where it gets complicated to explain, but I will give it a shot. Players with 3 or fewer seasons of service (based on the year they lost rookie eligibility- the numbers above) are exempt. Exempt players do not count against the point cap. Players with 4 or more seasons do count. So, each team may keep 12 total players, so long as their non-exempt players do not exceed the 1800 point limit. (Don't worry, Clint and I keep up with this and post it for every team, so it doesn't require as much thought as it might appear.) To add to the fun, teams can trade points for players or picks. For example, one team traded 1,000 points to another for draft picks and players. So, the receiving team now has 2,800 points that can be kept, while the giving team only has 800.


Scoring System:


Scoring for Batting Categories

1B - Singles 1 point

2B - Doubles 2 points

3B - Triples 3 points

BB - Walks (Batters) 1 point

CS - Caught Stealing -.5 points

CYC - Hitting for the Cycle 10 points

E - Errors -.5 points

GDP - Ground Into Double Plays -.5 points

HP - Hit by Pitch .5 points

HR - Home Runs 4 points

KO - Strikeouts (Batter) -.25 points

R - Runs 1 point

RBI - Runs Batted In 1 point

SB - Stolen Bases .5 points

SF - Sacrifice Flies .5 points


Scoring for Pitching Categories

BBI - Walks Issued (Pitchers) -.5 points

BS - Blown Saves -2 points

CG - Complete Games 5 points

ER - Earned Runs -1 point

GS - Games Started (Pitcher) 0 points

HA - Hits Allowed -.5 points

HB - Hit Batsmen -.5 points

HD - Holds 1 point

INN - Innings 2.25 points

IRS - Inherited Runners Scored -.25 points

K - Strikeouts (Pitcher) 1 point

NH - No-Hitters 10 points

PG - Perfect Games 15 points

QS - Quality Starts 3 points

S - Saves 2 points

SO - Shutouts 2.5 points

W - Wins 2 points

WP - Wild Pitches -.25 points

XBHA - Extra Base Hits Allowed -.5 points


Hope that helps. I have two teams right now to replace, and neither is very good. One finished 10-13, the other 11-12.

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