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GMJ now the Angels 5th outfielder


This is a few days old but I didn't see it posted anywhere.


Gary Matthews Jr. took a day off on Sunday because he was so upset after being upset after Mike Scioscia told him was going from the team's fourth outfielder to fifth. Those of you scoring at home that's a fifth outfielder making $10 million this season, $11 in 2010 and $12 in 2012.


"I'm an everyday player," Matthews said. "I want to play every day -- now."





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Is there any doubt '06 goes down as the worst year of FA contracts ever?










Somehow Sabean and Coletti have managed to keep their jobs.


To be fair, Soriano doesnt deserve to be lumped with that sorry lot. Granted, JH gave him an obscene contract as a sign of good faith to the fans after the dreadfull 2005 and 2006 seasons, but Sorianos been a great player for us. Im sure by the end of his contract, he wont be looking as good, but he has been huge for this team, where as none of those other guys have done squat.

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People have pride. There's nothing wrong with this reaction from GMJ IMO.


you signed a contract knowing you were suppose to earn it. he hasn't come close to earning it and won't.


if i'm the angels i say "you want a chance to play every day? fine, we'll release you. all you have to do is forfeit the rest of your contract. basically you can stay here and be a bench player for 3/32, or you can test your luck somewhere else. what do you choose?"

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