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Rich Hill:




The Orioles believe he'd exhibit better command if he didn't rock back in such an exaggerated fashion before coming forward.


"We're just trying to get rid of some of that and even it out, keep it level," he said. "It's an adjustment, but as time goes on, it becomes a little bit easier. I didn't have as big of a tilt as I had last year coming into spring training. Watching video, we've really made great progress."


Me on Jan. 30th...




Mechanically, he has severe shoulder tilt with his glove arm (right arm) severely higher than his throwing shoulder. The reason why he does this to get on top of his 12-6 curve which is why he it is one of the best in the game when it is on. Also, it makes it much more difficult to pick up his FB coming out his hand. One of the side effects on having this throwing mention is that it is very difficult to repeat your delivery, which is the key to throwing strikes since your balance and center of gravity often changes each pitch.


This is what I rec'd in an email from the author of the blog:




So, at the bottom of each post you will notice a link to "Email Post" where readers can easily email a post to friends. Well, I can see all of the posts that get emailed, where they are emailed to, the IP address, and the message. I kid you not, take a look at this:



studiogirl1@aol.com Dave

dtrembley47@aol.com January 30, 2009 @ 4:22 pm

Host226.orioles.com Kranny should read this. Andy Where Have you Gone Rich Hill? Trade Rumors Between Cubs-Orioles Swirl Success


If I am not mistaken, Dave Trembley is the manager of the Orioles. And the IP address is the corporate IP address of the Baltimore Orioles, meaning that this was an internal intranet email. I believe, though I can't be 100% certain, that someone forwarded your post to Dave Trembley and told them to have the Kranitz read it. How do you like that?


Crazy man. What a great article you wrote though. I'm glad it's getting the pub it deserves.

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You won't be getting a ring from the Orioles, no matter how well Rich Hill pitches. :D


This thread would be a lot more enjoyable if Trembley was replaced with Piniella and Kranitz was replaced with Hendry.



if only you were a great hardworking guy like rothschild.

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