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Welcome New League Members!


Hello New NSBB league members! I just wanted to thank you for your interest, and to give you a bit of a head's up on a few things.


You have been added to a league that has existed for 3 years. However, because we have also expanded the league, the circumstances of your entrance are a bit odd. Typically, you will not see a few people naming keepers, and as long as Minor Leaguers are within the limits, no one will ever have to designate a minor leaguer as a keeper. All minor leaguers are keepers.


You will also undoubtedly have questions regarding keepers and exemptions. The rules are listed in this forum, though it can still be confusing. Let me try to clarify and give you an example:


Every player is granted 3 seasons of exemption. What this means is that a player does not count against your Points Cap for 3 seasons once his rookie eligibility has been exhausted. A players rookie year is technically the year he surpasses 130 ABs or 50 IPs. When this happens, his "exemptions clock" begins to tick. As a way to demonstrate this example:


Player A got 87 AB's in 2006, and 233 in 2007. He only got 100 AB's in 2008. Because he surpassed the 130 career AB mark in 2007, he used his first exemption that year. He burned his second exemption after the 2008 season. This year will be his final exempt year, meaning that he would not count against your point cap after this season, but would after 2010.


Player B pitched 18 innings in 2004, 31 in 2005, 60 in 2006, and 120 each in 2007 and 2008. Because he did not surpass 50 career IP until 2006, he did not use an exemption until 2006. In 2007, he burned his second exemption. After 2008, he used his last, meaning he would not count against your point cap this year, but will after the 2009 season.


Player C got 300 AB in 2007 and 1 in 2008. His clock began in 2007, and even though he only got one AB in 2008, he still burned an exemption. This would be his final exempt season.


I hope that explanation and those examples help clear up what might be an otherwise confusing situation. Mooch (White Soxaholics) and I will be combing through every roster each offseason, letting you know who is exempt, who is not, and how many points you have on your rosters. Please ask if you have questions.


Again, thanks for joining! Hope you have as much fun as we have over the past 3 years!

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Points? Can you explain what exactly there purpose is. I haven't seen it explained.


Points? It's how score is kept. Players earn points for accomplishing certain things (explained on the league website), and every active players points go into your team's score each week. Team with the highest score wins that weeks game. At the end of the season, every player will have points accumulated for his season total.


Over the offseason, every team is allowed to ONLY keep up to 1500 points, meaning that each owner will have decide which players to keep and which to release. Look at one of the point totals threads from last season. Each non-exempt player accounted for a number of points, and every owner had to decide which players to keep and how to keep their roster under the point cap limit. To demonstrate:


Your roster includes 15 exempt players (players whose points to not count against your cap during the offseason) on the Major League roster. The other 10 are:


Roy Halladay (611 pts)

Ryan Howard (586 pts)

Jake Peavy (554 pts)

ARod (539 pts)

Carlos Beltran (510 pts)

Placido Polanco (407 pts)

Brian Fuentes (334 pts)

Kevin Gregg (278 pts)

IVan Rodriguez (244 pts)

Chris Carpenter (113 pts)


You would have to decide which of those players to keep, and those players could not total more than 1500 total points. Look at one of the threads from the former league if you need further example. Hope this helps. If not, you will figure it out over the course of the year. You've got time before this becomes relevant, but it will in time.

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