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MLB Mogul Sim League


Not sure if anyone else here has ever played Mogul Sim, but it's a pretty decent sim. Basically, our league is looking for a few good GMs, and I figure I'd try to recruit some NSBBers.


the website is here


the available teams:





Expos (were the Marlins, who moved back to Montreal)

Padres (Maybe, the guy just recently hasn't been around. youd have to inquire further with the commish)






I am the Cubs GM over there, and it basically goes like this: we are currently doing the offseason free agent bidding prior to the 2018 season. So, obviously, things have changed. Some were prospects flamed out, some no names became stars, and players that were drafted since the beginning have come up while big names have retired. You don't need the Mogul game to play. We have a commish who does all the simming, and he doesn't GM a team for fairness' sake. He is a very fair commish, but, be warned, he doesn't put up with stupidity, and you will get yelled at. We all get yelled at. And often. Sometimes it's honestly overwhelming, but this has completely taken over my fantasy baseball life, as it were.


You pay players on a salary that is determined by market size and whether you can get fans to the park. If you don't manage your prospects correctly -- you have 4 minor league teams, one in Rookie, A, AA, and AAA -- they won't amount to squat. But if you do well, you can reap great rewards. There are tricks to this, but it does take time to figure it out.


Each sim season takes about a month. It's slowed down a bit more these last couple of sim years, to maybe a month and a half. Every few days a handful of GMs, whoever is online, gets into an AIM chat (we do most of our trade talks, etc, via AIM for some reason), and the commish does slight updates while the sim runs, and the rest of us talk junk to each other. Everyone is pretty fun to deal with, but each also has a very particular style. Some are VERY MUCH better than others, and will rip you off in a deal if you aren't a decent negotiator. Trading is the life blood of the sim. As you would see in the transaction page, my team is very active on the trade front. I used to get ripped off pretty bad, but i've come around.


You have a good chance of being competitive. Even if you don't know the game itself, if you understand baseball you have a shot. While most of us are competitive, others are lost. haha. But anyhow, check out the site, and feel free to PM me or the commish. You probably won't need to get too involved until 2018 starts, which is a week or so away. Be warned, it can be time consuming.

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oh, also of important note here: if you don't appreciate the humor of IMB or Treeman, this league probably isn't for you. Most of these guys, in fact, all of these guys are younger than me and I'm 29. So...
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