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ESPN Piece on GM's...

The Logan

It's on Insider, but Buster Olney polled all 30 GM's and asked 5 questions.


1) Who is the easiet GM to make a deal with

2) Who is the toughest to make a deal with

3) Who is the most open with information

4) Who is the biggest card player (doesn't like revealing info)

5) Which one would you hire?


Guess who came in first on the easiest GM to deal with!


Jim Hendry, Cubs (5 votes) "Hendry is the type of person you'd feel comfortable going out and having a beer with. He's a backslapping type of guy, and that really works for making trades."


In Buster Olney's video blog apparently Brian Sabean is the worst to deal with, and was a landslide winner of the category. Supposedly he doesn't answer or return calls, and one GM said he's only had two baseball conversations with him in the past 5 years.


Guys who hide the most info...


Huntington (3) "I like him, but you don't ever feel at ease. He's a good person, but he's just very polished, well-spoken, to the point where it's tough to know what's really going on."


Colletti (3) "He's not going to share information or make a move until he absolutely has to."


Of course, Theo Epstein was considered the best all around GM in the game.


Epstein (8) "Theo's career has been helped by being in Boston, but I think that if you had put him in Kansas City five years ago, they'd be pretty good right now. If you were an owner, it would be hard to find someone better."


Full article on Insider here:



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Not that surprising. Hendry doesn't seem like a bad guy, just a bad GM.

Yea, IMO, he's a scout who cannot shed what got him his job. He seems to love the diamonds in the rough (guys with good "tools", pedigrees, etc.) at the expense of production. He also seems to fixate on a player's attributes without regard to how it fits to build a team (speed, catching the ball, etc.). Anyway, he's like the hardest working better at the horse track, but he can't pick winner to save his life. He's pathetic, and I don't mean that in the way it is normally used. More like in the Shakespearean tragic figure sort of way.


I hope Ricketts fires him as soon as the season ends.

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