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Worst Contract in Baseball


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Zito's a mediocre #3 starter making elite #1 starter money. He's way overpaid, but will at least be taking the mound on a consistent basis and if not dominating, at least keeping your team in the game. There's no reason to expect that he can't keep giving you 180 IP and an ERA in the low 4's over the course of the contract.


Soriano was awful last year. No question. The previous two years, he was overpaid but a pretty good run generator. There's a pretty decent chance that he has a bounce back year and then goes into more of a gradual decline than a free-fall. Of course, there's also a chance that he never OPS'es over .725 again for the rest of his career, but if I had to guess which of Soriano or Wells was going to do better over the remainder of their contracts, I'd go with Soriano.


Wells has ranged from mediocre to awful for the last three years. You're paying him Albert Pujols money to put up Colby Rasmus numbers. Wells was 19th among all qualified CFs in OPS this year, didn't play enough games to qualify the year before that, and was 13th among qualified players in 2007. (In his last three years, Soriano was 14th, 6th, and 2nd in OPS among left fielders.) Wells is locked up for just as long as Soriano, but for about $10M to $15M more over the remainder of the contract.

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