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A draft order that snakes from round to round would be a better option, IMO. The difference between the #1 overall pick and the #16 can be disproportionate to a rather large degree, and then you get the same thing all over again for the next round, with the 17th pick potentially being way better than the 32nd pick. Basically, the worst team in the league (aka the best team at dumping their roster from the previous year) gets the best pick in every round, which seems like a very significant reward. Possibly the most significant. I have yet to see how you handle amateur drafts, but if you do the same thing, it encourages teams to dump early and often.


While it does make sense to reward the worst team in the league with the top pick overall, to give that team the best pick of every round encourages teams to dump early for the huge reward at the end of the season, which then eliminates competition.


In another league just like this one, I helped institute a new rule where we determine the draft order at the trade deadline in order to discourage teams from dumping.


I'm the newbie, so I really don't want to piss anyone off or tell you all how the league should be run. If you already have your reasons for not inverting the draft order from round to round, I'll fall in line. It doesn't really matter all that much to me either way.


It's probably too late in the ballgame to change it now anyway, since there are so many trades that would be impacted by changing the draft style. Maybe just put this in the suggestion box for future considerations.

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