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Value of Wes Welker


Here's my team in a 16 team PPR/Dynasty/IDP League.


I just traded Larry Johnson and my first pick in the rookie draft next year for Boldin. It doesn't matter to me that much because we keep our entire team and I valued Boldin more so than I valued the pick. That and Larry Johnson sucks.



QB: Romo

QB: Bulger

QB: Vince Young


RB: Turner

RB: James Davis

RB: Caddilac Williams

RB: Jamal Lewis


WR: Boldin

WR: Welker

WR: Harvin

WR: Lee Evans

WR: Avery

WR: Jordy Nelson

WR: Troy Willamson (IR)

WR: James Hardy (IR)


TE: Cooley

TE: Marcedes Lewis

TE: Travis Beckham


Defense: Too many players to list


My question is, i'm stacked at WR, especially for a 16 team PPR league. You can start 1-2 RB or 2-4 WR, giving you 5 total players between the 2 positions each week. Would you stick with a 1 RB/4 WR approach (also get pts for kick returns too and Harvin's been a monster thus far) and go with :








or would you try and trade Welker for a top tier rb and go with something like this:



2nd RB





If I was to trade Welker, who do you feel are RB's that would be viewed as a good straight up trade?


Thanks in advance.

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