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As most of you have heard, Tim is trying to revitalize the front page. I think most people would agree that he has done a great job with the look and content that is on the front page.


One of the things that is being tried is for a few NSBB members to write articles about the Cubs. What we want from you is how to make these articles better. What will cause you to read the game recaps as they are posted throughout the season? How can the authors make things more interesting? What topics would you like to see addressed? If you're not reading the articles, what is the reason?


Please speak whatever is on your mind. The authors are fine with criticism but no feedback at all is hard to work with.

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I think it would increase interest if the articles were more than simply a game recap. There are roughly 10,000,000 pure game recaps available to people after a game, but if you do partially game recap and partially opinion, I think it'd be a bit more unique and garner more interest.


For instance, the respective day's writer could give a short recap of what happened and then give some opinion on something that happened in the game (a move that was made that shouldn't have or vice versa, etc).


Just a thought.

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