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Another Rate My Team Thread


10 teams, roto, auction draft, 5x5 ESPN league. This was my first time in an auction draft and first time in a roto league, so I didn't have much of a strategy going in.


C - Matt Wieters

1B - Albert Pujols

2B - Kelly Johnson

3B - Chipper Jones

SS - Stephen Drew

2B/SS - Yunel Escobar

1B/3B - Jason Giambi

OF - Carlos Beltran

OF - Milton Bradley

OF - JD Drew

OF - Pat Burrell

OF - Jack Cust

UTIL - Delmon Young

BENCH - Alex Rodriguez


P - Johan Santana

P - Brandon Webb

P - Roy Halladay

P - Rich Harden

P - Kevin Gregg

P - Matt Lindstrom

P - Joey Devine

P - Grant Balfour

P - Troy Percival

BENCH - Chris Volstad

BENCH - Jair Jurrjens


Planning on putting ARod on the DL for a catcher to play until Wieters (hopefully) gets called up. Thoughts on my SP/RP ratio? Things I should look to trade for? Other feedback?

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Just going to throw this in here because I don't feel like starting another thread. Eight team, head-to-head league. Stats are R, HR, RBI, SB, K, AVG, OPS for hitters and W, L, SV, K, TB, ERA, WHIP for pitchers.


C - Geovany Soto

1B - Ryan Howard

2B - Dustin Pedroia

3B - Aramis Ramirez

SS - J.J. Hardy

CI - Joey Votto

MI - Robinson Cano

OF - Jason Bay

OF - Shane Victorino

OF - Brad Hawpe

OF - Milton Bradley

Util - Alex Gordon

BN - Jayson Werth

BN - Jim Thome


SP - Brandon Webb

SP - Dan Haren

SP - Francisco Liriano

RP - Mariano Rivera

RP - Jose Valverde

RP - Max Scherzer

P - Chad Billingsley

P - Yovani Gallardo

P - Matt Garza

BN - John Danks

BN - Gavin Floyd

BN - John Maine

BN - Jair Jurrjens

BN - Gil Meche

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my rating is don't play in an 8 or 10 team league


Just out of curiosity, why not?



Theres just way too much talent in MLB for an 8-10 team league to actually be fun. Take a look at your FA pool, I'm willing to be there are a lot of pretty darn good guys that are freely available. Its sorta like shooting fish in a barrell. Now of course you're competing against a much of other guys who are also shooting fish in a barrell, but how is that fun? Plus with so much talent out there, there isn't any incentive to finding the "next big thing" because there are already a lot of freely available veterans that can provide decent production. I guess a good analogy would be if 3 Harvard grads went on Jeopardy and instead of getting championship week questions they got kids week questions. Sure they'd get them all correct, and there would be a winner and a loser, but do you think they would have fun?


On the other end of the spectrum deep AL or NL only leagues are typically too deep. When you have to be rostering guys solely because they will acccumulate ABs (ahem Elvis Andrus), thats not fun. But, if you can only have 8 teams, maybe these leagues would be better for you. Of course then you run into the issue of interleague midseason trades, which could really really suck (reminds me of a really funny Arli$$ episode).

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