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The AL East


Have a look at the AL Central and West teams' performances versus the AL East and then versus the other two divisions. it's insane.


Twins: 14-18 vs AL East, 55-29 versus other AL teams

White Sox: Twins: 11-17 vs AL East, 47-40 versus other AL teams

Tigers: 15-17 vs AL East, 41-45 versus other AL teams

Royals: 15-16 vs AL East, 33-52 versus other AL teams (don't really get this one)

Indians: 17-24 vs AL East, 32-43 versus other AL teams


Rangers: 14-23 vs AL East, 47-31 versus other AL teams

A's: 18-24 vs AL East, 39-34 versus other AL teams

Angels: 13-26 vs AL East, 41-36 versus other AL teams

Mariners: 15-19 vs AL East, 28-54 versus other AL teams (only the dregs of the league can beat the AL East apparently)


now here's the AL East teams' records versus their division and then the rest of the league:


Yankees: 28-20 vs AL East, 46-23 versus other AL teams

Rays: 34-20 vs AL East, 42-20 versus other AL teams

Red Sox: 29-28 vs AL East, 34-25 versus other AL teams

Blue Jays: 30-25 vs AL East, 32-29 vs other AL teams (odd)

Orioles: 12-40 vs AL East, 30-35 vs other AL teams


so the AL East is 184-132 against the other divisions, and no team in the other divisions has a winning record against the AL East. and the top teams in the other divisions have fared terribly against the AL East.


suffice it to say, boston and maybe even toronto would be serious division contenders in the other two divisions, while no other team in the AL would be all that competitive in the AL East. and the orioles probably are not as bad as their record would suggest.

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Off topic but the Orioles' record against the East reminded me that I noticed the other day that the Pirates are 14-53 on the road this year, 7.5 games worse than any other team in the league.
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