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2009 March Madness squares


Hey everyone. I am attempting to throw together a pool for this year's tournament. Peruse through the text below and let me know if you're interested. Please use my contact information below, or PM me.


Obviously the intent is to get 100 people in, but if need be I can simply divide the fee in two, and only need 50 people. I am already up to 25. (mostly co-wroekrs, friends, etc)


If you are an established poster and would like in, please let me know. Anyone else is welcome too, just so long as the money is in before anything starts.


Let me know if you have any questions. I also have started a facebook group for the decimination of information, just look me up (Gary Willard).













1. Just like a football Board with 100 squares, you will acquire a square, which will be randomly positioned on the board.


2. Instead of the opposing teams' name at the top left margin, it will say "winning score" and or "losing score" (based on the actual games of the NCAA Tournament)


3. The numbers zero to nine are randomly selected to be positioned on the horizontal and vertical axis.


4. There are 63 total games played and your numbers will remain the same throughout the duration of the tournament (the board does not include the play-in game)


5. The last digits of the final score of every game are what you are hoping to match, just like at the end of every quarter of a football game. (the only difference is that you have 63 chances to win, instead of 4)


6. The Final Four games are the big winners, but the early rounds could produce multiple wins for lucky participants.


RECEIPTS: 100 Boxes @ $20.00/box = 2,000




1st Round Match (32 Games @ $10/match) = $320

2nd Round Match (16 Games @ $20/match) = $320

3rd Round Match (8 Games @ $40/match) = $320

4th Round Match (4 Games @ $80/match) = $320

5th Round Match (2 Games @ $160/match) = $320

Championship Match (1 Game) = $400


Total: 63 games = $2,000

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