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Stupid Fantasy Moves: 2009 Edition

The Logan

I guess there always needs to be one...


I'm in a long runniung league that we turned into a keeper league. The rules we laid out were that we were allowed to keep 2 players. You are only allowed to keep a player you drafted in last year's draft and had on your roster all year long. If you chose to keep that player, you would then forfeit your draft pick 2 rounds ahead of where you drafted that person the year before. This way, the top tier guys are available for everyone, and it would make people consider keeping mid level players from the mid rounds instead.


There were 2 bonehead moves regarding this in this league, and one draft bonehead move (so far)


1) The reigning champion chooses C.C. Sabathia and lost a 4th round pick, which makes sense, he was gonna go in the 3rd or 4th round anyways. His 2nd keeper pick was Michael Young... and he lost a 6th round pick for him. 6th round... Michael Young, who does not hit 20 home runs anymore. To put it into perspective, he could've kept Brad Lidge and lost a 12th round pick, or Joakim Soria and lost a 20th round pick. Or, he could've kept neither of them and saved his 6th round pick for someone else. It's an 8 team league, here were the guys who were drafted in the 6th round this year... David Ortiz, Brian Roberts, Rich Harden, Carlos Quentin, Carl Crawford, Manny Ramirez, Justin Morneau........ and Michael Young


2) The same guy drafted Ian Kinsler in the 2nd round. No biggie, he's a 2nd round ranked player on Yahoo. He's got his 2B, no need for another one until later... His 3rd Round pick was Dustin Pedroia


3) There is a new guy in the league taking over for someone else. He took over because the guy the year before, participated for about one week before not bothering with it all year. So this new guy had the opportunity to keep 19 of the 22 players he drafted. Among them, he could've kept Roy Halladay and lost a 10th rounder, Yovanni Gallardo and lost a 13th rounder, Joba Chamberlain and lost a 14th rounder, Rafael Furcal and lost a 15th rounder, Ryan Zimmerman and lost a 17th rounder... He chose to keep.............. no one. Which is fine, he wants a fresah start, but I can't say that I would do the same if I had a freebie shot at Joba Chamberlain as a 14th round pick staring at my face. Or Furcal as a 15th rounder.

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