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  • Wrigley Field: Where Are You Sitting?


    The great seat debate. Whether you’re going with friends, family, business associates, or even by yourself (I have done it)... one of the biggest decisions when going to a Cubs game is where to sit.

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    Do you go straight to the bleachers? Is that your favorite place in Wrigley Field? Is the thought of no real, assigned seats up your alley? Are you young enough where no back to your seat will not cause excruciating back pain? Does Left Field suck? Does Right Field suck? Are you only going to the game to contribute to the beer cup snake?

    Perhaps behind home plate is more your speed? You could be as close to the field as your bank account will allow, and maybe you’ll be on TV! You could still be behind the plate, but further back, so that you’re closer to the concourse. Imagine your choice of food options, all right near your seats. (Although dare not dream too big; we all know it can be a bit of a bear to get down and grab certain items due to lines and congestion on the small concourses of the old park. Now that the game is held to a timer, that could cost you a couple of innings.) The biggest problem with sitting here, however, is depth perception. OH MAN, that ball is OUTTA…. Oh. Popped it up to the pitcher. Oh well. 

    Maybe you would rather be down one of the baselines, but within the infield. You can have a clear view of the pitcher’s mound, and get an unobstructed view of the entire playing field. You could be down the baseline, but at the same time be in left or right field. Do you dare sit near the “Bartman Seat” in left field?

    Have you been to the Upper Deck level? This is another place where depth perception goes to die. Have you ever sat next to the media booths that jut out far enough, where you could be leaning up against a concrete wall? I have. It may not be the best seat in Wrigley, but it allows you to focus on the game below you. Until the renovation gave over too much of the space to wealthy, high-value ticket holders, the upper deck was where one could reliably find fans who had come out of sheer, unvarnished, unpretentious love of the game.

    I will tell you that for me, just about any seat in Wrigley Field is a good one, because you’re at Wrigley Field. However, probably where you don’t want to be is in the 200 level, where your view is blocked or impaired in some way by one of the posts. 

    My blog is named with Aisle 220 in the title, because I had a good friend whose family had season tickets there. She would take a chunk of games, and we would all go to Wrigley Field. Sadly, she passed away in 2011, but I will always remember the fun times in Aisle 220.

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    No bad seats at Wrigley unless you're behind a post, but I think I still like the 300s (were 400s at one point) the best dollar for dollar. Bleachers are always great though if you sit in the right spot.

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    If money is no object I’m sitting front row right next to the Cubs dugout. But with money as a factor I’m definitely sitting in the closest section of the upper deck, somewhere on the infield. Often cheaper than the 200 level seats that are blocked by the awning and I think I’ve read that no stadiums upper deck is more on top of the action than Wrigley’s. 

    Bleachers are always cool because there’s a different vibe out there, it’s more interactive and fun but somewhere around 2005 the Cubs realized the unique value of the bleachers and jacked up the prices. Still fun but I’d rather sit somewhere with a better view of the game on most occasions.

    Worst seats are of course the back rows of the 200 level where a seat that’s not even considered obstructed view can sometimes block virtually everything except for the actual field. Meaning if there’s a fly ball you just have to watch the outfielders and track their movements.  I avoid those seats like the plague. 

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    The first two comments here took my first answer, which is the 400s-turned-300s, although the restrictions to access of the whole ring up there make it less good than it used to be. Your piece itself hit on my second one, though, which is: aisle 220! (Or 219, or 222. What I like is the value, and the centeredness, and the relatively easy egress to the concourses, all with a clean view of the action. Fun exercise!

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    Where I actually sit is Section 227, because that is where my Season Tickets are.  I'm in the front of the section, on the aisle, and pretty much in the best possible location for the section without jumping up a price level.  I'm not saying they are the best seats at Wrigley (because they aren't), but for me they are the best option at my price point when considering both view and resale.

    My absolute favorite seats would the the Upper Deck Box (300 level).  If money was no object, sure I would love to sit at field level in the first row, but my favorite reasonably-priced seats have always been the upper deck.  I just love the elevated view of the ballpark.  The only reason I didn't get Season Tickets up there is because the resale is significantly worse and I want to minimize the losses (and there are definitely losses!) on the games I sell.  I have also grown somewhat accustomed to the easy in/out of my terrace box section, being able to get right in and out of the gate and not have to worry about navigating the concouse and ramps.  If I'm buying individual game tickets though, it is almost always in the 300 level, and I love sitting up there for concerts too.

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